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For lack of a better term, 7-on-7 football has served as something of a connection between high school football and the collegiate level. While it is non-contact, passing-only football, it is still a brand of football that makes players read and react to situations. Many players who compete in a 7-on-7 show improvement once their focus shifts back to their school/ tackle team. Coaches also notice players that come back in the fall are throwing to tighter windows and tend to flourish against their competition. Defensive backs who have been facing elite wideouts over the summer step onto the field ready to compete against the competition as well.



Pittsburgh Elite 7v7 Tryouts saturday(1).jpg


  • Perfecting your technique

  • Multiple in-game scenarios

  • Fine-tune your skills in the offseason

  • Repetition, repetition, repetition

  • Quarterback/receiver timing



  • Competition breeds excellence

  • Learn to gain a competitive edge

  • Moments of great individual accomplishment

  • Requires a very rough physical touch

  • Realize the importance of taking care of your body



  • The more media exposure the better

  • Gain access to a wider audience

  • National scouts cover the tournaments

  • Establish yourself as a credible athlete

  • Maximize the impact of positive media coverage

Click here to view Pittsburgh Elite 7v7 coach bios!



1) What makes Elite different from other 7v7 teams? Our focus is the development of the total athlete, both on and off the field while providing a competitive environment and the best chance of exposure for all participants. We use 7-on-7 as an off-season development tool to help each athlete perform their best on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons.

2) Can I play 7v7 if I play other sports (basketball, baseball, lacrosse, etc.)? Absolutely. The Pittsburgh Elite 7v7 program is built around the Long Term Athlete Development model and we firmly believe all athletes should participate in multiple sports. Practices, tournaments, and training sessions fit in the margin of other activities.

3) Do I have to attend every practice? We encourage athletes to make as many practices as possible to take advantage of the EForce coaching staff’s knowledge and to learn offensive/defensive schemes, however, we respect that other sport/family conflicts will arise throughout the season.

4) What is the Pittsburgh Elite College Roadmap & Advocacy Program? The Program is a collection of college contacts, information and best practices to help families navigate the recruiting process. We provide resources to athletes and parents on how to contact college coaches, plan academic schedules, create highlight tapes, and more. In addition, the EForce coaching staff has a connection to the college coaching staff at all levels across the country and will help be an advocate to these schools for EForce athletes. Click here for more info.

5) What is the schedule for the Pittsburgh Elite 7v7 season? Please check back for a preliminary 2023 schedule.

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